Finding Joy | Part 2

Ellen Cappard
4 min readApr 26, 2021
Photo by Amos G on Unsplash

I found joy in walking in nature daily, now hitting an average of 3 miles a day. Walking daily has grown as a form of relief and resistance to busy myself. It’s a daily time carved out just for me being by myself. Willingly this pause in action gives me time to think and clarify my feelings. I know that working on the growth and understanding of myself can be an elusive path. Walking gives me a moment of purposeful pause. As I walk, I focus on my breath, reflect on the scenery while quieting my mind to be present. This has allowed me to be reflective, see my growth, acknowledge where I have shortcomings, and take a moment just to be.

I try to reflect and document as much as I can. I can’t say I have found new prophetic awareness from the daily walk, but here are some top reminders that continue to come while walking.

Pink colored women’s shoes atop circular brick path.
Photo by Ellen Cappard

Keep moving forward.

There are days I am reluctant to move, I get out and walk. This tends to be the days when doing anything is a hard task. I’d feel unmotivated, a little discouraged, or stuck in disdain. Once on my path I just push myself to go. I try to focus on a landmark not too far ahead and get to that. I can keep this up for a little while, honestly by the time I’ve hit the third one I can feel myself in the groove of walking. I’ll keep going and the walk will give me the boost I needed to do what comes next.

Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.

Yes, I walk even on rainy days. Some of my best walks happen on wet days of rain. There are days where even my best efforts to get out are obscured by my body’s cue for rest. I used to push myself to the limit, achy joints and tied eyes showing the ultimate cost of my stubbornness. I listen to my body more now than before. When I need rest, I rest. Some days it’s a quick nap and others it’s a full few hour’s snooze. I give grace to myself to indulge in both. My body works hard keeping me focused and functioning through the day.

Find joy in the little things.

Taking a moment to connect with nature has sparked a newfound joy. I am eager to walk new paths, I recognize the type of trees in parks, I notice when water is near by the change in the plants. With each walk I am relaxed and more comfortable in the nature around me. I realize that nothing is perfect in nature, yet it doesn’t stop me from seeing beauty in nature. I feel sincerely connected with nature, the surroundings grow familiar to me and my senses are more alert and aware. In seeing the beauty of a bubbling brook or new growing leaves on an oak I am reminded how little changes hold magic. These new captured enchanted moments draw me to even more and I am amazed by the joy each bring.

Trust that you are doing what is right.

I would receive this message when my head was feeling very cloudy. I’d go for a walk and feel my sense of direction skewed. Nothing was making sense because I was not trusting myself or the nature around me. I realize the moment I let go of what was holding me back or rubbing me the wrong way I’d relax and feel in tune again. I would feel comfort as I moved forward re-connecting to my true nature and the nature around me. A gentle reminder that I am doing the best I can, what is best for now is to trust that what I am doing is right. By the end of the walk my whole body would ease and feel a deep sigh of relief.

Rest is a form of action.

This was the hardest lesson for me. I’m a recovering perfectionist, constantly feeling like I need to be doing something at all times. When I sit still, I get nervous like I’m forgetting a task and wasting precious time with my inaction. Multi-tasking can feel like a nervous tick, I just keep going and going then I crash. After much reflection from walks I realize rest is a form of action and a great way to recharge. Walking allows me to put down the worry of the day and be preset in the moment. I get outside and connect with my surroundings instead of occupying myself with busy tasks.

Walking has become essential to getting through every day. It’s a new-found joy that brings me clarity and vibrancy for the days work ahead. On my journey moving forward I know walking is an integral piece of my day. I hope you can find joy in your journey as life continues to pivot.



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